Thursday, February 2, 2012

Slurls and Hints....

Most or all locations have a hint prim at the sign or a hint giver for all thier locations, hints are only accurate as of the date posted, they may change, the on site hint will always be the most accurate! I will keep these up to date as much as humanly possible! (last update:1/10/12)

1. Secrets of Gaia - The Sky's the limit!
2. Avatar Bizarre -The ayes have it. Use your homonyms!
3. Deviant Designs - That's EVEn better
4. Top Katz - Maybe today is your lucky day!
5. J Stylez -Ask the Gypsy
6. MiChiGaNs ShAcK - Thinking outside the box much?
7. The Strawberry Box - Keeping warm by the fire
8. Kastle Rock Couture - The chips are on the table over in minidresses. There is a teleport pad in front of the Bourbon St Hunt sign.
9. A and S Visions - OMgah what kinda leg is that......  !
10. The Sacred Flame Weddings - With this chip you can buy the perfect Valentine's Gift!
11. Earthly Delights - Right next to the Lucky Wh..l!
12. Dark Water Designs - What a lucky man!
13. VaMpArT - Overlooking it all!
14. Amulet - Ya know, Mildred *cough* I would swear on a box o donuts I saw Elvis on a meat hook upstairs, ya know?!!
15. Cero Style - I am sleeping under a little tree!
16. Urban Gypsy Clothers - Lets in lights from the Sky!
17. Bound & Bitten -Its what you get when you're bad! Ouch!
18. SKIP Shop has gone MIA
19. Dropped Please proceed to 20 below
20. 2Kill4 - Lucky Number 3
21. Cat's Cradle - Everyone can be a guitar hero in vegas!
22. Fabu! - Do ya feel Lucky? Well? Do ya?
23. Stars! - Hanging out with the lovebirds
24. Curvasive Designs - Test your luck and see if you can free me from between these claws
25. Darkfold Designs - Around the store giant sofas there are 3. Hidden around 1 of them you'll find me.
26. Designs by Sebastian - Time Time, everywhere Time
27. Ink Blots - A Tribal Cross may lead to the Prize (follow signs to the store)
28. A&R Designs - The purple moon lights up the sky behind the lady who holds all the chips.
29. Zero Cool Designz - Do you have the right adress to dial home?
30. Dropped please proceed to 31 below.
31. Lemons & Cream - Are you hungry?
32. JLZ Designs - Just hanging around!
33. Dropped please proceed to 34
34. Tree House Treasures - think pink and look under
35. Camilla's - Gosh - we never did see a burlesque show
36. Flowers by Robbie - While in Vegas, stay in the Black and on Top or your game with Gold!
37. SR Leatherwerkx - Upon a lofty dais the Queen of Hearts sits perched to gaurd my treasures!
38. Fabienne Bolissima Couture - Cul de sac!
39. Alexohol Fashions - I hope you didn't forget something when you packed for the trip!
40. Simply Ayres - Tarzan and ....
41. Campalicious - Boys prize: She is in pole position. Girls prize: They say to get ahead you need to....
42. Nuts Inc. - When you win in Vegas you should have a look at the -Fairy Tears-.
43. Out of the Trunk - If the clock strikes 9, do you have the time
44. Ms. B. Designs - I hear ye be seeking treasure Matey? Aye, treasure there be, but did ye just call me a Ho?
45. Flowers Candles Romance - Be Mine Valentine!
46. Dax Designs - I am where I should be found, in Vegas
47. Debutante - I seem to have fallen off the table!
48. Paris Metro Couture - Oh dear i dropped my chip on the stairs!!!!
49. AIDORU - Spin the wheel, roll the dice, how lucky are you?
50. CIF&D - Where is the receptionist when you need one?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Vegas Honeymoon Hunt Coming Soon!

Next months Silver & Gold Hunts Hunt will be the Vegas Honeymoon Hunt!!!!

Stay tuned here for more information, vendor spots have been filled and I am in the process of approving them and getting welcome packs and group invites out to everyone!

New Blog for all Silver & Gold Hunts

I've moved us to a shiny new blog, this blog will be used for all Silver & Gold hunts, I will change pictures and backgrounds and colors as we go along but this way it will be much less confusing then the blog that is created just for one single hunt... so for all future Silver & Gold Hunts you can stop here for info!