Thursday, February 2, 2012

Slurls and Hints....

Most or all locations have a hint prim at the sign or a hint giver for all thier locations, hints are only accurate as of the date posted, they may change, the on site hint will always be the most accurate! I will keep these up to date as much as humanly possible! (last update:1/10/12)

1. Secrets of Gaia - The Sky's the limit!
2. Avatar Bizarre -The ayes have it. Use your homonyms!
3. Deviant Designs - That's EVEn better
4. Top Katz - Maybe today is your lucky day!
5. J Stylez -Ask the Gypsy
6. MiChiGaNs ShAcK - Thinking outside the box much?
7. The Strawberry Box - Keeping warm by the fire
8. Kastle Rock Couture - The chips are on the table over in minidresses. There is a teleport pad in front of the Bourbon St Hunt sign.
9. A and S Visions - OMgah what kinda leg is that......  !
10. The Sacred Flame Weddings - With this chip you can buy the perfect Valentine's Gift!
11. Earthly Delights - Right next to the Lucky Wh..l!
12. Dark Water Designs - What a lucky man!
13. VaMpArT - Overlooking it all!
14. Amulet - Ya know, Mildred *cough* I would swear on a box o donuts I saw Elvis on a meat hook upstairs, ya know?!!
15. Cero Style - I am sleeping under a little tree!
16. Urban Gypsy Clothers - Lets in lights from the Sky!
17. Bound & Bitten -Its what you get when you're bad! Ouch!
18. SKIP Shop has gone MIA
19. Dropped Please proceed to 20 below
20. 2Kill4 - Lucky Number 3
21. Cat's Cradle - Everyone can be a guitar hero in vegas!
22. Fabu! - Do ya feel Lucky? Well? Do ya?
23. Stars! - Hanging out with the lovebirds
24. Curvasive Designs - Test your luck and see if you can free me from between these claws
25. Darkfold Designs - Around the store giant sofas there are 3. Hidden around 1 of them you'll find me.
26. Designs by Sebastian - Time Time, everywhere Time
27. Ink Blots - A Tribal Cross may lead to the Prize (follow signs to the store)
28. A&R Designs - The purple moon lights up the sky behind the lady who holds all the chips.
29. Zero Cool Designz - Do you have the right adress to dial home?
30. Dropped please proceed to 31 below.
31. Lemons & Cream - Are you hungry?
32. JLZ Designs - Just hanging around!
33. Dropped please proceed to 34
34. Tree House Treasures - think pink and look under
35. Camilla's - Gosh - we never did see a burlesque show
36. Flowers by Robbie - While in Vegas, stay in the Black and on Top or your game with Gold!
37. SR Leatherwerkx - Upon a lofty dais the Queen of Hearts sits perched to gaurd my treasures!
38. Fabienne Bolissima Couture - Cul de sac!
39. Alexohol Fashions - I hope you didn't forget something when you packed for the trip!
40. Simply Ayres - Tarzan and ....
41. Campalicious - Boys prize: She is in pole position. Girls prize: They say to get ahead you need to....
42. Nuts Inc. - When you win in Vegas you should have a look at the -Fairy Tears-.
43. Out of the Trunk - If the clock strikes 9, do you have the time
44. Ms. B. Designs - I hear ye be seeking treasure Matey? Aye, treasure there be, but did ye just call me a Ho?
45. Flowers Candles Romance - Be Mine Valentine!
46. Dax Designs - I am where I should be found, in Vegas
47. Debutante - I seem to have fallen off the table!
48. Paris Metro Couture - Oh dear i dropped my chip on the stairs!!!!
49. AIDORU - Spin the wheel, roll the dice, how lucky are you?
50. CIF&D - Where is the receptionist when you need one?

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